Purelash Perming & Extension

Purelash Perming
For individuals who prefer to go out without eye make-up.
A natural way of making eyelashes more visible and fuller, with a flipped-up look. Eyelash perming is able to maintain beautiful eyelashes through sports and outdoor activities unlike mascara. It is suitable for both genders as it is natural-looking - men today are also using eyelash perming to enhance their appearance.

Obtain glamorous eyelashes like the ones you see in magazines with our Purelash Perming and Extension. It will leave you with beautiful, curvier, thicker and more visible eyelashes. Purelash Perming Types of Purelash Extension Before After:  

Black Edition Triangular Brow Pencil

main-Black edition

The Black Edition Triangular Brow Pencil provides excellent results that redefine, reshape, and create perfectly-shaped eyebrows. It is formulated with natural ingredients, enriched with Vitamin E and contains hydrating molecules, making brows look healthier and shinier, while hair growth within the brow area is also stimulated. This unique formulation of natural ingredients has won empro …

Perfect Eye & Lip Makeup Remover


Effectively removing eye and lip makeup without causing any irritation at all to these delicate areas. The Perfect Eye & Lip Makeup Remover feels exceptionally lightweight and doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness as it gently removes any makeup within five seconds! Features Single layer type formula has almost the same pH as tears, so …

Brown & Black Mascara


The all new Brown & Black Mascara allows your lashes to breathe and feel light even after applying. Specially developed, the 3D mascara is available in two classic colours; brown & black. These colours give a stunning effect on the lashes as though they were synthetic lashes. The mascara’s anti-clump and long lasting properties make …

Black Diamond Liner


This smudge-proof and waterproof liner is soft enough to glide on smoothly, but not too soft to prevent slippage. The aerodynamic brush with firm bristles allows smooth and controlled application. Just shake and apply! Gentle on eyes, and doesn’t irritate. More importantly, it lasts the whole day giving depth and character to those beautiful peepers. …

Day & Night Mascara


empro’s Day and Night Generation 3 Mascara is enriched with vitamins to strengthen fine lashes. This provides them with better elasticity and enables them to grow naturally. Specially developed to make lashes stand out, one light stroke is all it needs to create amazing curls as well as that special 3D effect for abundant volume …

Natural Hair Art


Empro Natural Hair Art is brand-new aesthetic Face Art which reshapes the hairline based on individual’s facial features, disposition and hair features such as color tone, growing direction and thickness. It creates a great illusion of luxuriant hair while shaping natural and delicate face. Before and After

Black Edition Lip Care

lipcare instragram

empro Lip Care helps to radiate natural beauty through natural colours generated from the moisture of your lips. It’s ‘High Density Oil Capture System’ stabilises oil in your body system, providing great adhesion of moisture on the lip. SPF 15 provides maximum protection while recreating a softer and more luscious lip. 10 Features Lip Care …