Ebrow is the micro-pigmentation of the eyebrow. This gives fullness, shape, symmetry and defined colour tones to fair brows. Base colours are used to fill your eyebrow using a specialised eyebrow pencil in order to give you an effective semi-permanent effect. It creates an elegant, vivid, refined and natural eyebrow.



Ero is the semi-permanent makeup of lines that imitate the real eyebrow. Blended together with your real eyebrow, it provides an illusion of fuller brows. This is an excellent alternative for individuals with sparse eyebrows or bald spots.



Bonbrow is designed to provide women of today a 100% natural look. This most natural and latest technique is highly suitable if you prefer fuller brows with the illusion of authentic eyebrow hair. Bonbrow gives you the convenience of a set of a pre-drawn brow if you are always on the move. Before After: Visit …

Purelash Perming & Extension

purelash extention & perming

This is a revolutionary eyelash perming that effectively curls your lashes and keeps them looking beautiful at all times. Purelash extension is designed to add length, thickness and fullness to your natural eyelashes without looking artificial.

Eliner Semi-permanent Makeup


Eliner gives you the liberty of wearing an eyeliner without blowing your natural cover! At Empro, we can enhance and define your eyes by redirecting the pigment colour upwards just underneath the roots of your top lashes, opening up your eyes and making your lashes look ultra luscious.

HD Baby Skin

HD baby skin

HD Baby Skin Treatment gives you the privilege to obtain the desired smoothness of a baby’s skin. This treatment stimulates skin tissues to synthesize more collagen by using our sophisticated, cutting-edge and modern medical technology. It restores elasticity of the skin tissues, reduces wrinkles and skin whitening. The treatment is suitable for the face, neck and also lips.



Elips is the ultimate painless, effective and innovative method to silky, smooth, vibrant and colourful lips. It provides you with a semi-permanent, luscious and natural lips with added moisturizing effect.