Empro – Introduction

Empro , is a well-known Malaysian cosmetic brand, founded by Prof Dr. CocoAlex Yeoh, Buckingham College of Arts and Science, UK . He has excellent skills in shaping eyebrows based on the shape of their face, eyes, skin tone as well as bone structure. Prof. CocoAlex Yeoh has developed an innovative technology which has helped women across the world to achieve a pain-free pair of perfect eyebrow in the shortest possible time.

All Empro products are based and focused on natural ingredients and has been very popular and well known for its quality and uniqueness amongst discerning consumers. Our cosmetics has won numerous awards. We were awarded ‘The Best Eyebrow Pencil – Judge’s Choice’ by Harpers Bazaar Beauty Awards for 2012 and 2013.

Prof. Dr. CocoAlex Yeoh – The Founder

At the very helm of EMPRO is Prof. Dr. CocoAlex Yeoh (BCAS, London, UK), a distinguished icon in the beauty industry in general and face art in particular. A man with vision who acts on his beliefs, and it makes things happen. Coco has scored a number of firsts in the industry, both for himself as well as for the company : –

  • Founder of Empro
  • Creative Cosmetic Designer
  • President of Face Art Academy
  • Head, Science of Face Art Industry Scheme Committee (IPEC/ISO 17024)
  • President of the International Eyelash Designers Association (IEDA) Malaysia
  • Director of Korea International Beauty & Health General Union (BHEU), Malaysia Branch