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The KN95 MaxPro mask is very similar to the N95. It offers respiratory protection. Regulated to strict professionals, government agency standards. The KN95 PRO MAX tested and proven to filter out 99% of non-oil airborne particles. 

The EMPRO KN95 MaxPro respirator mask also incorporates Copper Oxide technology that kills airborne virus that stays on the mask. Our superior filtration of the KN95 MaxPro respirator mask is suitable for frontliners, medical officers and civilians. The CDC and government then admit these are the best protection respiratory mask for everyone to prevent from the infectious COVID-19 OMICRON variant. Designed to be close-fitting. Keeps the wearer even better protected than many other types of coverings which tend to lose, or even put them more at risk by pulling in more infected air around the mask.

EMPRO KN95 MaxPro, made to the new standard, will be the same size, shape and use the same production process. The improvement will be from the new melt blown polypropylene cotton filter layer which will upgrade the breathability factor (respiratory resistance) of the mask. This new enhancement will help make it easier to breathe for the user while still offering filter efficiency greater than 99%.


  • Virus Protection

    While the government wants everyone vaccinated, the fact is that no vaccine is 100% effective. Some current vaccines have proven very ineffective at protecting against new strains of the coronavirus, like the new and rapidly spreading OMICRON variant. In contrast, a respirator like this which filters out over 99% of airborne virus particles may provide even more protection than a vaccine. From here on out, it is clear we all need effective masks on hand for emergencies, if not everyday life, and especially any type of travel or public transportation.

Healthcare Settings:
This is the gold standard for respiratory protection. Even more so in infectious disease situations

Why EMPRO mask is the right choice for everyone?

  • It fits perfectly
    The 3D design shape of KN95 mask is designed according to the human face shape to ensure the tightness, to fit the human face.
  • MDA certified
  • Authentic masks, 100% Made in Malaysia under clean sanitised environment
  • Better Breathability