Vision and Mission

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Perfecting the Art

Sharing with you the story and idea of empro

empro is a well-known cosmetic brand, founded by Prof. Dr. CocoAlex Yeoh, conferred by Buckingham College of Arts and Science, UK. He has excellent skills and has mastered the art of shaping eyebrows based on the shape of their face, eyes, skin tone as well as bone structure. Prof. Dr. CocoAlex Yeoh has developed an innovative technology which has helped women across the world to achieve a pain-free pair of perfect eyebrows in the shortest possible time.

All empro products are produced from all-natural ingredients, gaining them popularity amongst discerning customers worldwide. One of the more prestigious awards garnered by our range of cosmetics includes the Harpers Bazaar Beauty Awards for ‘The Best Eyebrow Pencil – Judge’s Choice’, which we won in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

Our Vision

To build a global brand that is committed to enhancing the natural beauty of women and men by always providing the best products and services worldwide.

Our Values


Offering Only the Best

Our prime services distinguish themselves on the basis of innovation, new technology and excellent customer service. Our top-notch products emphasise on value-for-money & natural ingredients with state-of-the-art technology. Our business philosophy is to conduct our corporate operations in accordance with the highest ethical & professional standards.


For the People

Our employees are our most important assets, and we aim to develop a workforce of the highest quality in our industry, ever. We are committed to creating exceptional opportunities for professional growth so our employees can fulfil their highest potential and receive rewards for their achievements. We strive to build a beauty brand foremost in the minds of our customers, by fostering long-term relationships with them.

Face Art Centres

Our Face Art Centres are a place for women around the world who want to be pampered. A place where beauty meets excellence. A place for women to rediscover their beauty through the technique of face art, a technique which encompasses the essence from Malaysia, Japan, Korea, UK and China. Our international face art artists are personally trained by
Prof. Dr. CocoAlex Yeoh to provide nothing
but the best face art design.